3 Clever Woodworking Jigs That Are Worth Sharing

Woodworking jigs are definitely a must-have in your workshop.

Woodworking relies a lot on jigs. They help in every aspect of woodworking. If a wood needs to stay in place, there’s a jig for that. If a wood needs to be cut in a straight line, there’s a jig for that as well. Bottom line is that jigs make it very easy for woodworkers to get things done right in a short amount of time.

Jigs vary from one woodworker to another. After all, the needs and styles of one woodworker is different from another. It’s really just a matter of sharing best practices. So, if there’s one jig that works well, then it’s definitely worth sharing.

The video (found at the end of this article) explains how important jigs are to woodworkers.

“Using jigs is really an individual thing. It depends on the kind of woodworking that you’re doing as to what jig you’re going to need … Some woodworkers will make a jig for one cut or for one build that they’re making. Other people will make a jig because it’s easy for them to replicate to make multiples of it. It really depends what it is that you’re doing and what kind of builds and what kind of projects you’re making.”

The video goes on to show 3 clever woodworking jigs that can get the job done right.

3. Center-Finding Jig

There’s a center-finding jig for the woodworker who is always cutting wood in half. Instead of measuring from one end to another and dividing it by two, this center-finding jig makes it a lot easier to find the center accurately.

“I seem to be always cutting boards in half and I used to measure from here to here and then divide by two … but you know what? There’s a jig for that and I made one years ago of those years ago that I use all the time.”

Here’s a description of the center-finding jig.

“All it is, is a couple of dowels … I’ve got a pencil in the middle because I like to see the marks. All you do is put it on your wood and put the top … on one side. The bottom on the another and there it is … it will give you a perfect center line.”

A smaller version of this particular jig can also be made and used for splitting boards,

It works the same way. Put it on one side … and on the other side … the dowels just touching and all you do is drag it down … and that gives you a perfect line to follow in the middle and that will split your board right exactly in the middle.”

Here’s how that center-finding jig is made.

“All you need is some doweling. You could put bolts through there. That would work actually even better.”

The bolts make the center-finding jig last longer.

“You could put bolts through there … all you need to do is measure a full distance …All you do is mark … three things.”

Mark one end, the middle, and then the other end.

“You drill a hole, big enough that the dowel will fit snugly on each side … Then drill another hole in in the middle that your pencil will fit in … maybe you want to use a nail or something … you can use anything and that’s it. Put it together and it’s done.”

This center-finding jig is such a cool tool that can help rip boards, without wasting any timber.

2. Square-Corner Jig

Woodworkers build a lot of boxes. That’s why they’re always looking for perfect square corners. The same video shows a smart way to get perfect square corners.

“This is one way of doing that and I use this for picture frames. I use it for boxes … Basically, if all of your sides are equal, you only need to true up two sides … if you look at this closely, you’ll notice that there’s a hole under here and of course, a hole under here as well so I’ve lifted this up by just by putting some material underneath it there so that these woods are lifted up.”

The reason for lifting up the wood is to create a gap, in case some sawdust get in the way. The sawdust won’t impede the surface, which will make it easy to true up the two pieces of wood. With this particular jig, you get a perfect square corner.

1. Spline Cutting Jig

The third jig can make spline cutting a lot easier. It’s a simple jig, made out of plywood. Actually, any kind spare materials can be used to make this jig. The video shows how easy it is to set up the jig. Once it’s set up, the jig gives a perfectly clean cut in the middle.

These 3 clever woodworking jigs can get job done right. Needless to say, they’re worth sharing.

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